The Trainer, the Beast, and Sleepytime Tea: a crooked twist on your favorite childhood novel

01:03 PST

Had a lovely outing in San Francisco with a couple of high school friends today, starting with lunch at El Farolito Taqueria in the Mission District. It was the first meal I ate and it became my last after a rather full day of exploration, save for a 25 oz jug of boba purchased at Purple Kow in Richmond (I’m counting this as half-food because half its contents were fruit bits and jelly. Which is FOOD. OK. NOTE FOR FUTURE ME.)

And then I made the mistake of staying up past midnight.

What was I even doing? Oh, I know. FOOD VIDEOS. Activities should come with a trigger warning. Or maybe they do but the slightly more willful part of my brain selected “YES” when asked, “DO YOU WISH TO CONTINUE?” Anyway, this is how I had set myself up for failure. Hungry. Staying up. F O O D  V I D E O S.

After resisting the temptation to snack for an hour (or was it? It definitely felt like an hour), I finally gave in, starting with a hard boiled egg. Okay, not so bad. And then I had a few clementines. Hm, okay. And another hard boiled egg. Okay, I could’ve had one less hard boiled egg. At this point I felt like I’d had enough, I got both sweet and savory in, and so everything else I eat would be filler. How awful.

Then my eyes widened with DISBELIEF as my body calmly walked itself over to the pantry and pulled out a Costco sized bag of pretzel crisps. SHINY. I don’t know how many I ate. Then I must have thought Chocopie must be good with pretzels (sweet and savory, remember? It’s a personal policy) because I started eating them at the SAME TIME. WHOAAA. As I scrolled through my Youtube subscription, my eyes started stinging after my vision grazed a thumbnail containing a girl holding up carrot sticks with…with such gusto… In what I can only interpret as an attempt at burying the evidence of my shameful gastronomical deviance, I began peeling a finger-length segment of a carrot I stashed away for HEALTHY MAANGCHI-INSPIRED KOREAN COOKING and swiftly chopped them up and began GNAWING AT THEM FRANTICALLY LIKE WHY DO I DO THIS I KNEW I HAD TO BREAK THE PATTERN AND TO BREAK THE PATTERN I SIMPLY STOP DOING WHAT HAS BEEN THE PATTERN I SHOULD’VE NOT INDULGED ON NIGHT STACKS LIKE ALL THE OTHER NIGHTS PRIOR BUT THIS IS ME YOU KNOW??? I MEAN I-

Oh. That’s the kettle. I’ve decided to make myself some Sleepytime tea to put me to sleep before I eat anything else. The trainer sure knows how to handle her beast.

Sleepytime tea! Who knew?


New Year, Legible Me

23:34 PST

This year, I’m going to put a spin on the statement “new year new me” so that whatever this “new me” consists of can continue to flourish in an upward trajectory instead of inevitably falling on a plateau of “newness” for the entirety of the year, which seems to be the best outcome of living by such a statement to begin with (I will also continue to write out my thoughts in run-on’s, parenthetical’s, and strange diction until I learn better by doing). For newness is merely a neutral descriptor for a state of being, and something becomes old just as soon as it is claimed to be new. (Got a new car? Well, have you driven it? If you have, then it is not new; it is used. Heck, did you even open the door and sink your buttocks into its fresh, untainted vinyl seat? You turned up the seat warmer, too? Well shit, mate. That car was (ab)used before you even put it into ignition. Poor thing.)

So, perhaps “newness” can only be represented by a single point in a graph, after which it ceases to exist for the remainder of the year. Whoops.

This new year, I will strive to work on my observation, reflection, written communication, and record-keeping. In other words, I’ll express myself in the style and font that will ideally become more legible to me and other people as time goes by. I shall make myself more legible so as to keep myself challenged, consistent, and accountable. By legible, I mean I want to write my going’s about’s in a way that they piece together to resemble a perfect mirror image of me (cheeky embellishments and diplomatic inflections here and there to fit the occasion.) So when someone, most likely myself, reads them, they’ll think. Ah, that is Yi. Or, more accurately, that is Yi of 2017. Who else other than Yi, but Yi of 2017?

Whatever I find worthwhile to view on paper (of the virtual variety), I will write (of the virtual variety), as an effort to document my new year and hopefully my personal growth that may or may not take place. I hope to write about current issues, ideas, eavesdropped conversations, books, art, movies, feelings, inner turmoils and celebrations, relationships, and the logistics of my progress towards goals attainable. By keeping record of the new year, I want to become more familiar and comfortable with the task (and later, hopefully, the craft) of writing, which is evidently one of the most important and necessary skills anyone can possess, at any time of one’s life.

New year’s resolutions have never worked for me. When you leave your intentions out for too long, they go stale, but you have to eat them anyway, so you end up chewing on these Styrofoamy pork rinds, its depressing taste lingering on your tongue until the new year comes around with a bottle of champagne and Listerine to help you finally forget your false promises and failures and come up with a fresh bowl of pork rinds. And why are your New Year’s resolutions always the same? Why are they always pork rinds? You don’t even like pork rinds. It’s time you switch out the pork rinds for something more palatable and digestible.

This year, you (or me) are trying something new! You’re (again, me–sorry) going to aim to be more legible, as in more readable, more well-versed, more chatty, more fearless, more creative, more free-spirited, and more self-aware than you’ve (ahem, me) ever been. I can only see one becoming eligible for more opportunities in life simply by being more legible, for all the introspection, reflection, and inspiration one may affect simply with their writing.

In 2017, I’ll be 22 for a good 3/4th of it. I’ll graduate halfway through it. I’ll hopefully experience new things, travel, meet new people and make new friends, learn from my failures, and have more information that enriches my life more than it makes it unbearable. Whoever comes across this bloge may stay and end up getting to know me better. But maybe, more than anyone else, I’ll get to know me better than anyone else. And come to make better decisions for myself. And love me more than anyone else.

Ya feel?

I’m already spending to much time writing this. Let’s just see how it goes from here.

Until next post,

Yi of 2017